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Sting to appear in WWE2K15 according to Jim Ross

by: Nathan -
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If you are a huge wrestling fan like me, you probably listen to Stone Cold Steve Austin's amazing podcasts. If you are also like me, you probably realize how much of a big deal this news is.

Sting is arguably the biggest wrestling superstar to never appear in the WWE. While Sting hasn't appeared in the flesh on live WWE TV just yet, he may be appearing in the virtual world as Jim Ross spilled the beans on the latest Stone Cold Podcast that Sting will indeed be in WWE 2K15. 

The following is a quote from Jim Ross on the podcast.

"He's in the big WWE 2K15 videogame , Sting is. That's a big deal."

There you have it folks. If I were a betting man, I would say that Sting will probably be the big pre-order bonus this year. For the last four years or so, WWE games have had a big pre-order bonus for their games. WWE'13 was Mike Tyson and WWE 2K14 was the Ultimate Warrior so it would think it makes sense for Sting to be the bonus this year. 

No concrete info yet about the game aside from John Cena, Bray Wyatt, Hulk Hogan and Cesaro confirmed to be in the game, but I would assume that some reveal trailers and information may be coming real soon. 

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