New gameplay trailer for Azure Striker Gunvolt, platformer from the creators of the Mega Man Zero series

by: Sam -
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Azure Striker Gunvolt is an action platformer created by Keiji Inafune and Inti (the team behind the Mega Man Zero seroes). Announced earlier this year, it appears to be a spiritual successor to those games in terms of its visuals and fast paced action, but the combat seems to be all new. Check out an all new gameplay trailer showing off about four minutes of the game. Although I don't fully understand what it going on in the battles (so fast!) it does look really interesting, especially the lock on mechanic. Azure Striker Gunvolt is set to release some time this year for the 3DS.

I wouldn't consider myself a Mega Man die hard, but I have always loved the series' styling gameplay, especially in the X and Zero games. I'm always looking for moer games to play on the go, so I'll likely pick up Azure Striker Gunvolt whenever it releases later this year. 


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