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Get free gems and double favor by playing SMITE this weekend!

by: Nathan -
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Time to curl up by the computer and get ready for a giant binge session of SMITE, because the double favor and free gems weekend is back! 

From June 27th - June 29th every match you play in SMITE will earn you double favor. Winning a normal match in SMITE usually earns you around 50-100 or so favor depending on how long the match took. If you get the first win of the day bonus you get an extra 100 favor. If you double that, you could be looking at around 250- 300 favor or so just for winning each game mode in the day. Needless to say this is a fantastic way to get some massive favor which can be used to buy gods, icons, re-rolls in Assault and more. 

In addition, for each first win of the day bonus you earn, you will also receive 10 free gems. 

If you haven't started playing SMITE, now is a great chance to do so. Earning double favor is great for new players as you can easily rack up enough favor to possibly buy a couple of new gods. 

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