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PopCrack PopCap Games has release new DLC for Peggle 2.  OP (original Peggle) gamers should remember Jimmy Lightning.  He was the extreme squirrel or chipmunk whose multi-ball power was the gift that keeps on giving.

In Peggle 2, he's back.  The new Jimmy Lightning Master Pack comes with a new dubstep theme, 10 brand-new levels, 10 brand-new trails, 30 brand-new objectives, 3 brand-new costumes, and 3 achievements.  You can download it now on the Xbox One and Xbox 360.  

Visit www.popcap.com/peggle-2 for full details and check out Peggle 2 on Facebook.  Finally, you can find PopCap on Twitter @popcap.


Everybody??s favorite Peggle?? gopher Jimmy Lightning (of classic Peggle fame) is back and ready to crush Peggle 2 boards with his new and improved Multiball Power. Jimmy Lightning??s Master Pack is the latest downloadable content (DLC) to the game IGN called "a joyful sequel to an all-time classic", which includes all-new levels, trials, objectives and achievements available for $1.99 starting today on Xbox One.

Ride the lightning and join Jimmy for some frantically fabulous Peggle 2 action! The exciting new Jimmy Lightning Master Pack includes a dubstep inspired classical theme, 10 all-new levels, 10 all-new trials, 30 all-new objectives, 3 unlockable costumes and 3 achievements that are ?? yes! ?? all-new.

Just as in the classic original, Peggle 2 combines elements of pinball, pachinko and billiards, and adds liberal doses of whimsy, fun, excitement and challenge ?? not to mention rainbows and a ninth of Beethoven.

Peggle 2 is now available for Xbox One and Xbox 360 in North America and Europe. For more information on Peggle 2 please visit: http://www.popcap.com/peggle-2.

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