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Your life is a series of chaotic and unpredictable events that occur to a speck living on a speck in an insignificant part of an infinite expanse of space and time. Our planet, and by proxy us, only exists because billions of years ago a star died in a violent explosion- and the residue from that star bonded together and continued to grow. We are made of stardust. We are but a footnote in a universe that will continue to evolve even if we were to die in a fiery world-shattering explosion right this second [citation needed]. However you look at it, here you are. Reading an article written in a tasteful Microsoft Sans Serif font about a game where you pick up hitchhikers and talk about life, the universe, and everything.

Glitchhikers is a game about shared introspection. You are driving alone late at night, at that special time where the weird music comes on. Maybe it's something in the night air, or the night DJ's rambling about stars and loneliness, but you have a strong desire to pick up every hitchhiker you come across. And each one of them has something bugging them that they want to share with you.

The music and low-poly art suit the dark, oblique subject matter of your brief late night conversations with these roadside strangers. I'm not sure if the hitchikers are randomly generated, or if your dialogue choices influences the game, but I played through it a few times and had a different combination every time. So it's worth plaything through at least two or three times just to see who all you come across- whether it's a pregnant alien, a ghost girl, or a masked ESFP grad student.

You can download and play Glitchhikers for free, and if you like it you should consider buying the 'premium version' for $9.99. It's the exact same game, but you also get the awesome soundtrack and the satisfaction of supporting the team that made the game.

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