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News Roundup: Penumbra Harker Witcher (?)

by: Randy -
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Didn't get a durn thing you wanted this Christmas?  See if the stocking stuffers below help at all (or simply make it hurt that much more).

  • For the stat-happy stickball fans, here's PureSim Baseball 2007.
  • And on that same note, PC futball fans will love Universal Soccer Manager 2.  (Demo it on Mac here.)
  • This isn't a demo.  It's the full version for free-to-play MMO, Myth War Online.  Humans,  Centaurs, Magicians, and Half-Human Robots.  Uh-huh.
  • The demo for the super funky Stoked Rider: Alaska Alien is ready to rock.
  • Lock n' load with the modern military combat shooter, Armed Assault.
  • And here's the full version of 1848, a turn-based strategy title of the Hungarian War of Independence from 1848-49.
  • Trophy Bass 2007.  No, it's not about Fosgate speakers and riceburners.  Wrong bass.
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