Freddy Prinze Jr. loves being in Dragon Age: Inquisition more than any movie he's ever been in

by: Randy -
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Freddy Prinze Jr., of She's All That and I Know What You Did Last Summer fame, is becoming a staple in the BioWare offices. He enjoyed his role as Lieutenant James Vega in Mass Effect 3 so much that he's now voicing a giant demon-horned dude in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

This giant demon-horned dude is a Kunari, one of the giant demon-horned dudes that you've fought in previous Dragon Age games. Prinze Jr.'s Kunari, however, is known as the Iron Bull, and he's one of your companions in the Inquisition

Prinze Jr. uses some kind of unidentifiable accent when voicing the Iron Bull. That sounds odd, especially since it looks like the only person that should be voicing a Kunari is James Earl Jones—or at least the guy that played Wrex in Mass Effect. On the other hand, Prinze Jr.'s rendition breaks up the barrel-chested, monster-voiced archetype I'm expecting, so it's probably a good move.

Prinze Jr. confesses that he's more in love with his video game voiceovers than he's ever loved doing TV and movies. He even has a strategy tip for mages in Dragon Age: take cover.