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Newest SMITE patch brings the first Hindu Hunter "Rama" to the battlefield and tons of new skins.

by: Nathan -
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New SMITE coming soon and with it brings tons of new goodies including a new god, new skins and a weekend promotion. 

First up is the newest god, Rama, the 7th avatar of Vishnu. Rama is also the first Hunter from the Hindu Pantheon to be added to the game. 

Let's take a look at his abilities... 

  • Passive - Astral Quiver
    Rama’s Astral Quiver generates an Astral Arrow every 15s. Also, every basic attack that Rama lands will reduce the amount of time to generate an arrow by 2s. Astral Arrows are used with Rama’s other abilities.
  • Astral Strike
    Rama switches to a more powerful arrow that pierces and slows enemies by 20/25/30/35/40% for 1s and deals 10/20/30/40/50 bonus damage. This ability consumes 1 of Rama's Astral Arrows with every shot. Rama cannot toggle this ability if he has no Astral Arrows. Cost 1 Astral Arrow.
  • Pick Me Up
    Passive: Any time an enemy is hit by an Astral Arrow there is a 10/20/30/40/50% chance that an Astral Arrow pickup will appear on the ground (Only procs on the first enemy hit by Astral Strike). The pickup adds one Arrow to Rama’s Astral Arrow count.
    Active: Rama gains increased attack speed 30/35/40/45/50% for 5s. 
  • Rolling Assault
    Rama performs a roll in the direction he is currently traveling. After performing the roll, for 5s Rama's next in-hand attack will consume an astral arrow that cripples the target for 1/1.25/1.5/1.75/2s and deals 20/40/60/80/100 bonus damage. Rama incurs no movement penalty during this shot. 
  • Astral Barrage
    Rama launches into the air and shoots 3 powerful arrows at the ground, each successive shot increasing in damage: 50%, 75%, 100% of 250/350/450/550/650 +80% of physical power and decreasing in AOE size: 30, 20, 15. 

Next up are a bunch of new skins including the Ra-Merica skin. This skin is a seasonal skin, which means it will only be available until July 14th. In addition, for every skin sold, $2 will be donated to the American Red Cross, which in my opinion, is an amazing promotion and I give Hi-Rez major props for this. Be sure to check out the promotional video for it below.

Next we have the Iron Gaming Thor skin. Purchases of this skin will help support amateur LAN tournaments run by

Also, Fenrir gets a Metal Carnage skin and Osiris gets his Golden skin. 

The new god rotation is He Bo, Geb, Sun Wukong, Anhur and Bastet. 

Finally, from now until Sunday, Hi-Rez will be holding the "Gabe said so" Summer skin sale in which all gem skins that were released during beta will be half off. Be sure to check out the promotional video for the Gabe said so sale because it's absolutely amazing. 

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