Steam Summer Sale has officially begun

by: Sam -
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Much to the delight/dismay of millions of PC gamers the Steam Summer Sale has arrived again ready to tempt your wallets with impossibly cheap games once again. As usual each day begins with daily deals (today's daily deals include Far Cry 3, DayZ, and XCOM: Enemy Unknown), as well as flash sales that change every eight-hours (influenced by community vote). Voting on flash sales, as well as buying games and community items gets you cards which can be crafted into badges which will earn you points in the Summer Adventure. Each day of the Summer Adventure you will be assigned a team. Any items crafted for your team earns them points, and whichever team is in the lead at the end of the day wins, and the top 30 point contributors on that team get 3 games off their wishlist.

The system is somewhat confusing, but just remember to check in every day, vote and join a team and you have a pretty good chance at winning some free games! Don't forget to update your Wishlist, and good luck!


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