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If you like idiot YouTubers, don't watch "Arekks" cover Destiny

by: Randy -
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Look, I enjoy mouthbreathing, wild-eyed, saliva-spitting YouTubers as much as the next person. Just kidding. I'm not hating on their success, but I'm physically incapable of contributing to it.

That said, YouTuber "Arekks" is the guy for me. At a sometimes Zero Punctuation pace, Arekks splices relevant footage and solid gameplay info into clean-cut videos. Boom. Done.

The Destiny hype machine doesn't need anymore fuel, but hey, I like what I like, and the Arekks Gaming channel handles rapid, thorough—but not exhaustive—game coverage. These three videos look at the three character classes in Destiny: Titans, Warlocks, and Hunters.