Strain Ultra Drop is on the way for Wildstar

by: Sean Colleli -
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Wildstar is getting its first major content expansion with Strain Ultra Drop, coming in early July. This new pack is about the secret biological terror lurking within Nexus, the Strain. Apparently it's infecting everything it touches, but if you're lucky (and grind enough) you can score some superpowered, Strain-infected loot. 

I'm slowly coming around to Wildstar. The art style initially made me think it was Skylanders: The MMO but since then I've been caught off-guard by its irreverent and at times raunchy sense of humo 

Good morning,

Get ready to be infected by Carbine??s most viralWildStar Flick yet. Strain Ultra Drop is almost here and it will reveal even more of planet Nexus: more loot, more content and more awesomeness than you will be able to digest! As part of its commitment to releasing quality new content for WildStar on a monthly basis, Carbine will release The Strain, its first content update, during the week of June 30. The Strain will reveal that there??s something horrible living deep beneath the surface of planet Nexus. Check out the new Strain Flick ( for more details and stay tuned for more Strain-related info over the next couple weeks.

The Strain content update includes:

· New Zone, Blighthaven: a massive new zone that includes Cankertube swamp and the gastrointestinal terrors of the Globellum!

· New solo content: a new group event like a tower defense game (Guardians of the Grove) and a dungeon-like area for group combat called The Nursery that includes a Boss fight against the Strain-corrupted Elyona the Mad.

· Players will also unlock new Strain-themed gear, housing items, costumes and mounts.

· Players will be able to revisit areas from Nexus that have been drastically altered; Northern Wilds becomes Northern Wastes and is now a crash site.

Upcoming Strain Rollout Schedule:

· 6/24 ?? Information regarding locations; Blighthaven and Northern Wastes

· 6/26 ?? Information regarding new housing plugs, costumes, dyes, emote, hoverboard and mount

· 6/30 ?? Strain DevSpeak video

· Week of 6/30 (exact date TBD) ?? Strain goes live, patch notes