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Football with tanks? Sign us up! World of Tanks Update 9.1 goes live

by: Sean Cahill -
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This might be the most interesting update World of Tanks has offered players to date. announced Update 9.1 that includes a new mode called World Football Championship to celebrate the FIFA World Cup 2014.  The premise is simple:  7-minute matches that are 3 vs 3.  The single objective is to score a goal using vehicles and shells and to defend your own goal from the players.  It will be interesting to see just how these small matches take place, considering that the map will actually be on a football field, though we have to imagine there will still be some twists.  Also included in this update is the mode called Historical Battles, which is exactly how it sounds.  Play out some new battles from the annals of time and enjoy some great new improvements to many of players' favorite maps.  So, get ready World of Tanks fans:  More updates are incoming.

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