Watch the 15 min short, Expiration Date starring those crazy characters from Team Fortress 2

by: John -
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I absolutely love the character intro films for Team Fortress 2. They started out a little rough, but the last were incredibly fun to watch. I've always wanted a weekly show in the same style with the Team Fortress 2 classes, and what you see below is something that could be.

Expiration Date is a brand new short that is made with the Source Filmmaker and it's 15 minutes of pure gold. The star of the short is the Scout with great performances by the Spy and the Soldier. Two of the classes I mainly play, the sniper and the pyro, only make small cameos. 

If you enjoy the game, you'll definitely enjoy the short. It's a great little piece of film making and I truly hope they come out with many, many more.

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