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E3 2014: Terraria Impressions

by: Matt -
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There isn't much that can be said about Terraria, unless you've been actively trying to avoid this 2D equivalent of Minecraft, you know that it's going to be on every platform under the sun soon, and it's a great deal of fun. 505 Games had the latest version running on PS4, PS Vita, and mobile devices during this past E3. I got a quick look to see what the new version entailed, and found that there is quite a bit to like, especially if you're a Terraria fan.

The builds on PS4 and mobile devices is based of the 1.2 patch and features cross play between the PS4 and Vita, and will continue to receive the same updates that the PC brethren. The much touted Hard Mode is also going to be present in all non-PC versions as well. The mobile versions, which include iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, and Amazon devices are all going to have a more streamlined experience that takes advantage of the touch controls for each device. And there will be content in each version that is exclusive to that platform, but will keep parity in terms of patch changes and updates.

Terraria is coming soon to PS4 and is already available on the PS Vita. Mobile versions of the game will be coming soon and expect to be priced at $4.99.