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E3 2014: NYKO E3 Product Round Up

by: Matt -
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NYKO certainly had a lot of gear on display at this year's E3. Plenty of stuff for owners of the PS4 and Xbox One, which included new models of their 'Intercooler' line, new media remotes, charge kits, and and power solutions for controllers, which is appreciated because in most cases, the controller batteries in stock Sony and Microsoft hardware are a bit on the disappointing side. Well NYKO looks to keep you gaming for longer than ever with their offerings on the show floor.

The Media Remote offers controls for all of apps available for both consoles (with Youtube support forthcoming) For the Xbox Oneit will offer a few other features, like the ability to power the Xbox One on and off, along with volume and channel controls. The remote will be $14.99 and launch this summer.

The Intercooler devices are back and this time are out to keep your consoles as cool as possible while they reside in a media center. The Xbox One Intercooler uses USB power to push warm air away from the console and attaches to the top of the Xbox One, while the PS4 Intercooler will use the Pass Through technology used for the Xbox 360, and adds three more fans to help move air away from the console by attaching to the back. Both Intercooler models will launch this summer at $24.99.

The Modular Power Station is an add-on for your Xbox One that will make your console appear a little wider, but offers a solution to the short battery life of your controllers. This attachment goes on the side of the console, connecting via USB, to charge two batteries. On the front of the attachment, a display shows the charge of each battery inside. This add-on will $29.99 when it launches and comes with two rechargeable batteries.

The PS4 gets a similar add-on though not as full-fledged as the Xbox One, the Modular Charge Kit also attaches to the side of the PS4 console, though instead of batteries, the kit will store retractable USB cables to power the Dual Shock 4 controllers and the cables can be stored in the housing. The Modular Charge Kit also comes with a soft brush that can be used to remove dust from your console, including the little crevices around the edges. The Modular Charge Kit will also be launching soon for a retail price of $19.99.