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E3 2014: Senran Kagura - Shinovi Versus Hands On

by: Matt -
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XSeed is going a bit nuts with the Senran Kagura games this year. The first title they had on the E3 show floor, Senran Kagura - Shinovi Versus, is a direct sequel to last year's Senran Kagura Burst, although it has migrated to the PS Vita platform this time around. The change looks to have done the game some good, moving to fully 3D maps, and upping the overall presentation of the game. The short time I got to play showed that the series is making good strides in improvement, and yet at the the same time there was a twinge of embarrassment, with my in game actions being displayed on the screen just above my head.

The gameplay felt largely the same from the 3DS version released last year, but now there is a larger cast, offering different combat styles, and different story lines with the inclusion of the Homura Crimson Squad, and the Gessen Girls' Academy joining the fray. The combo system still is all about throwing up big numbers with plenty of attacks that easily chain and can be taken to the air along with special moves that deal massive damage and easily wipe out the fodder that stand between you and the other main characters that you'll be fighting. 

The improved visuals on the PS Vita also mean a better frame rate and sharper character models as the screen shots will attest. Fall 2014 is the rough release date for Senran Kagura - Shinovi Versus, and we've got more Senran Kagura stuff coming soon, so make sure you check back!