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You will trade in your PS3 after you watch this Grand Theft Auto V comparison video

by: Randy -
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Your memory may already be a bit faulty. Mine was, too. When I saw the video announcing Grand Theft Auto V's imminent arrival on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, I thought, Hey that's a great-looking update, sure, but it's not that crazy. If I threw current-gen GTA V into my home console, it wouldn't look that far off from this newer trailer, right?

Wrong. What a difference a generation makes—even if that generation only made the leap a few short months ago.

The Digital Foundry is the hardware team reporting for Eurogamer. Comparison videos between same-generation platforms have been boring for years now. But this one does an A/B comparison of GTA V's PS3 and PS4 generation gap. It's the new-gen reveal trailer paired up with carefully staged footage from the PS3 version that's meant to mimic the new-gen trailer. 

I was skeptical that this was captured on a PS4. Seemed more believable that it was all captured on a high-end PC. But Rockstar affirmed the new-gen video was indeed shot on a PS4.