How lazy can I get in Diablo III

by: John -
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I've been playing a ton of hours in Diablo III after the Reaper of Souls expansion and Loot 2.0 patch brought a ton of new life to the game. My go to character is a Witch Doctor and I've been specializing in pet builds and DoT (damage over time) builds.

Well, after getting a few items, like the Hexing Pants of Mr. Yan (How appropriate!) and a Tasker and Theo glove set that increased my pet's attack speed, I decided to see how well I can do in a boss fight at Torment 6 with just pets and no "attacking". I basically just spawn my pets, cast a Piranhado, slam dance, and run around Ghom.

Here's my two runs against Ghom, which is already pretty easy for me since I have an amulet that makes me immune to poison damage. Yeah, Ghom goes down pretty fast and needless to say, this is a build I use when I don't feel like clicking too much. You can see my gear in the video.