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New SMITE patch brings a Friday The 13th theme'd skin for Chaac,

by: Nathan -
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Last week, I wrote about the Hercules remodel and the new Xbalanque World Cup skins for SMITE, but Hi Rez had some more surprises up their sleeves for us. 

What is significant about this Friday? It's Friday the 13th of course, and to celebrate, Hi Rez has introduced the new "Slaughterhouse" Skin for Chaac. Hi Rez is also holding a special promotion this weekend for a chance to earn free gems. Every kill the community earns using the Slaughterhouse Chaac skin while playing the special MOTD's will count towards a certain tier. At each tier, the community will earn gems as a reward.

Also included in the patch is a new system to punish leavers. Up until this point, leaving the game early would get you banned for 30 minutes. With the new system, the first leave will earn you a 30 minute ban and will put you on a 24 hour clock. Each leave during the 24 hour period will double the ban time up to 4 hours. Each leave will also reset the 24 hour clock.

For the full list of patch notes, be sure to check out SMITE's official website. 

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