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E3 2014: Roccat Sova (Hands-On)

by: Travis -
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Roccat recently revealed its Sova hardware this week at E3 that functions as a solution for PC gamers on their living room couch. While only a concept currently, now the team at Roccat is looking for feedback from gamers on the product. I was able to spend some time playing the upcoming game Gauntlet on the first build hardware.

The Sova's features include an aluminum exterior, mechanical keyboard, custom wireless bridge technology by Roccat, lag-free input, modular design, and support for the use of any USB-powered PC mice. The modular design in particular is a strong focus of the product to ensure gamers can adjust the experience that's right for them. The modular design could support future add-ons such as holders for smartphones and such.

As someone who has been looking for an ideal solution to PC gaming on the couch, Roccat created a product that is almost puzzling that the concept hasn't existed yet. The Sova felt especially comfortable due to two pressure cushions on the bottom in addition to open space for allowing the hardware to cool properly. The product felt solid in use for being just a concept at the moment.

Unfortunately with the concept status there were no further details given on an estimated price or release window. As a PC gamer that likes both the desktop and couch experiences I'm excited to hear more about the Roccat Sova once further details are released.