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E3 2014: Razer NZXT440 Impressions

by: Chuck -
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If you like the Razer aesthetic and would like to see that in a mid-tower PC case then you're going to want to look at the Razer NZXT440.  The folks at Razer have partnered with NZXT to come up with a new case that that is unmistakably Razer branded.

There are a few unique things about the case, the biggest is that the case doesn't have any slots for optical drives.  While this may seem like heresy to those of us who grew up shoving disk/disc drives of various shapes and sizes into PC cases over the years there is a good reason for removing the drives.   The extra space allows Razer to cram three big fans into the case helping to increase cooling while decreasing noise. Plus when was the last time you installed something via a disc drive? 

In addition to the fans up front there are filtered fans below the case to draw air up into the case and one exhaust fan on the back of the case.  The additional fans in the front of the case coupled with some solid venting at the top of the case alleviate the need to have additional fans at the back of the case or on the side or top of the case.  The case has the usual tubes for liquid cooling if that's the route you go with your cooling.

There are some other nice touches on the case like a green light that illuminates the ports on the back of the case, a power supply shroud with the Razer three headed snake logo to hide those nasty power cables, and plenty of room on the back panel to help organize and hide the rest of the wiring in your case. In addition to the fans the case is packed with sound dampening materials to help keep the case running whisper quiet.    

Razer also did a nice job with the power button and top USB ports.  The power button is a green (what else) button that is flush with the top of the case but with a small indention to help it stand out.  Also on top of the case are the usual audio inputs/output  and a trio of USB ports. 

I came away fairly impressed with the case as NZXT and Razer have done a nice job of putting together a good mid-tower case that's packed with features.  If you're interested in the case it will be available this August for a suggested price of $149.