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A Killing Floor 2 is in development

by: Jackie -
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Tripwire Interactive has announced that they will be making a sequel to Killing Floor! They plan to make Killing Floor 2 even more gory and visually appealing than the first while also bringing in some new weapons/enemies into the mix.  Personally, I have put hours upon hours into the first game because of the addictive level perk system, community updates, and holiday events. Killing Floor always kept you coming back for more. I am curious to see if what new mechanics are going to be present in the sequel (other than extreme gore and limb dismemberment).  Apparently, the budget for Tripwire is much higher this time around so let's hope it shows! Killing Floor 2 will be coming to Steam Early Access for Windows and Valve's SteamOS sometime in the future but no release date it set yet. You can get more details at the Tripwire Interactive website.