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E3 2014: Devil's Third is back from the dead, now a Wii U Exclusive

by: Sean Colleli -
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Well this came out of nowhere! Nestled in between the excitement of Smash Bros and Zelda in today's Nintendo E3 presentation was the news that Devil's Third is back and it's coming exclusively to Wii U. Tomonobu Itagaki's studio Valhalla Game Studio originally developed it under THQ for a 360 and PS3 release, but when THQ went under the game was shelved.

Now Nintendo is publishing it, which is a little odd but not unheard of for a game of this...flavor. It's a third person actioner, an ultra-violent action movie parody full of one liners, carnage and a very Vin Diesel-esque anti-hero named Ivan. Best of all, it has a tentative 2014 release date, which should make the wait for Nintendo's gigantic 2015 lineup all the more bearable.

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