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E3 2014: Obsidian Entertainment releases a new trailer for Armored Warfare

by: Russell -
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Obsidian Entertainment has decided to celebrate the start of E3 with a new gameplay trailer for their upcoming game Armored Warfare that showcases the new role system and the types of tanks players will command in battle.  The roles of the Main Battle Tank, Recon, and Artillery units will offer players a lot of different strategies when taking on the competition, making them weigh the costs and benefits of each role in any given scenario.

While MBTs can dish out some heavy damage as well as take it, Recon tanks can move swiftly throughout areas to help flank enemies and spot them for artillery strikes.  Speaking of artillery, Artillery units can rain destruction on enemies from a distance.

If you'd like to sign up for the closed beta testing, head on over to http://aw.my.com to register.