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E3 2014: Destiny gets a new trailer and a beta date for PS4 owners

by: Chuck -
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Bungie has dropped a new trailer for Destiny that outlines the backstory of the game. The big player in all  this is the Traveler, a mysterious creature that comes to Earth and  helps usher in a new golden age of humanity.

The downside of this is that the Traveler is being hunted by The Darkness and when it finally finds the Traveler on Earth that golden age comes to a quick end.  Humanity and The Traveler are able to repulse the Darkness but now centuries later the Darkness has returned and it's up to you to step in and save humanity.

I'm not a big fan of dark evils simply called "The Darkness" as it usually reminds me of the music band but I'm all on board with almost everything else Bungie is selling with the game.

The other good news is that Bungie announced that later this week there will be a closed beta for PS4 owners.  To sign-up for the beta all you need to do is register for an account and cross your fingers.  Travis and I are checking the game out on Thursday so hopefully we'll have some solid impressions of the game up by the end of the week.