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E3 2014: The Batmobile looks fun to drive in this great trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight

by: John -
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Last night at the Sony E3 press conference, a new trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight debuted and it was glorious. The trailer showed off some aspects of driving around in the Batmobile and the Battle mode, which turns it into a very mobile assault vehicle. One of the coolest features of the trailer was seeing Batman get launched into the sky from the Batmobile and gliding around the city.

The 5+ minute video also shows a new and more menacing look to the Scarecrow, the main antagonist for the fourth installment of the game. There's still the mystery of the Arkham Knight, of course. The action looks incredible and I love the new little touches that Rocksteady has implemented into the game such as sliding down the vent, the slow motion panning to other enemies, and the leap into the oncoming Batmobile.

Overall, a great trailer showing some gameplay footage and my early favorite for game of the year next year.