There's no need to fear, Underdog is here!

by: Jeff -
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Okay, we all know what week it is. It's E3- the biggest week in gaming. The week where all the nerds get their families together, break out the lawn chairs, and sit by the side of the road to watch the parade of AAA game trailers go by in a blur of live-streamed hype.

Not that that's a bad thing- I love me some theatrical trailers. They're probably 75% of what I post on here. But the truth is, even if you miss E3 you're still going to hear about the newly announced projects. Big developers have PR departments that are really good at what they do.

So what about all the small-time developers that don't have the time or resources to make it to E3, or do any kind of advertising at all? Well, this year, a lot of developers have decided that they're tired of getting swept under the rug, and are contributing to the first ever IndiE3- an alternative online convention. From June 9th to June 15, they'll be showing off trailers and announcing new games, as well as organizing various channels you'll be able to watch throughout the week. There will be live panels supported by Indie Haven and The Spawn Point that cover indie games, design manifestos, round-table discussions, and lightning talks over at

Also, Game Jolt will be hosting the official IndiE3 Game Jam, where they'll be collecting games from June 10-June 14, and posting them up throughout the day on the 15th. Warp Door will also be holding various streams and game tournaments throughout the week.

If you want to submit any games, thoughts, or ideas, send an email to If you just want to keep informed about the event, you can follow @projectindiE3 on twitter, or follow projectindiE3 on tumblr.

So give the little guys some love. Everything from E3 will still be here, I promise.