E3 2014: Up to four-player co-op shanking in Assassin's Creed: Unity

by: Randy -
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Assassin's Creed: Unity co-op is a thing that is happening. You will be able to experience the open-world of Paris with up to three friends.

France in 1789 is on the eve of the French Revolution. The people of France are starving to death. This is around the time when the famous quote, "Let them eat cake," was misattributed to Queen Marie Antoinette.

This demo looks good. There's a wonderful contrast between lavish classical architecture and junkpile barricades piling up along the avenues. The number of people modeled in the streets are catching up to Hitman standards for crowd density, though Unity's crowds might be behaving more intelligently.

The last-second saves, synchronized takedowns, and in-the-moment fights alongside your buddies look great. Watch for the blood splatter on the walls. And stick around for the story beats that take place somewhere around the 3:40 mark on the video. It's wonderful. The finisher is particularly brutal, too. Gone are Assassin's Creed's days of poetic little death-scene dialogs.