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News Roundup: Time Portal on the Orient Express

by: Randy -
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  • It dropped during the summer months, but Drop Team, the mech combat shooter, just deployed a demo.  (And snag these two tutorial videos, too.)
  • Explore the jovial animation of the Settlers 2 in this 10th anniversary 3-D remake of a classic.
  • Before Jessica Fletcher, there was Agatha Christie.  Get all investigative in Agatha Christie: Murder on the Orient Express.
  • Time Portal (Windows or OSX versions) is a stare-at-the-pictures-and-find-the-something-wrong-so-you-can-follow-the-trail-of-clues-to-find-your-missing-uncle game.
Videos, Screenshots
  • Turn a "Trick" or two with this NBA Street Homecourt video.
  • Harker harkens back to the 18th century, in a vampire-hunting horror romp inspired by Dracula.
  • A woman in her underwear out in some stormy city streets with a pistol in hand?  Overclocked has my attention piqued already.
  • Friends, Romans, Master Chiefs ... lend me your "Et Tu Brute" trailer for Halo 3.
  • Supreme Commander unloads its multiplayer trailer for the unsuspecting masses.
Reviews, Interviews
  • NVIDIA released their GeFroce 8800 series of cards, and Legit Reviews hunkers down with the XFX GeForce 8800 GTX SLI video card.
  • See if those Killer Betties burn Jeremiah Cohn at the stake.  Or just ask him a few questions about his Bullet Witch.
  • Mr. Samuel Fisher is reviewed by the Atomic Gamers.  See why Splinter Cell: Double Agent takes top honors.
Patches, Updates
Thanks to Atomic Gamer, Legit Reviews, and Killer Betties for today's News Roundup.