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E3 2014: BioWare gets the Mass Effect 4 hype train rolling and mentions new IP

by: Nathaniel -
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Well, E3 2014 is in full swing and the only game I'm really excited about was talked...about...sort of...

Mass Effect 4, Mass Effect: Origins, Mass E-next, or whatever it's going to be called was ostensibly the subject of a fancy little video starring Casey Hudson and some other denizens of BioWare.  They talked about the next game in the Mass Effect series and how they asked fans for input, talked up increased console horsepower, and brand new locations and characters without ever being specific.  Finally, they showed what must have been footage from the game, not that you could really tell anything from it.  I guess it's time to turtle up and just wait longer.  

However, there was also mention of a brand new IP BioWare is also working on.  No specifics were given but it almost sounds like this game has a contemporary setting which would be a big change for BioWare.

Check out the video for yourself.