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World Cup Xbalanque and Hercules Remodel coming in the next SMITE patch

by: Nathan -
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SMITE gets another patch next week and will include tons of goodies including a complete remodel for Hercules and a brand new Soccer skin for Xbalanque. 

The World Cup Xbalanque skin will feature a deal much like the Red Star Athena skin did back in February. Purchasing the Jaguar Football Xbalanque skin will get you the Football Star 2014 skin free along with a Football Ward skin, also free. No word yet on how much the skin will cost but I'm assuming it will be around 600 gems.

Finally, Hercules, the Champion of Rome gets a complete visual overhaul. Check out his new model in the video below. 

The new SMITE patch should be released next week so check back when the full list of patch notes is released. 

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