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Star Citizen's ship commercial looks like it's built Ford tough

by: Randy -
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This Star Citizen video comes off like a commercial for Ford pickup trucks set to a revivalist Firefly soundtrack. Which is no small coincidence, since Star Citizen's longrunning crowdfunding campaign runs itself like a car dealership. Not to mention that the ship in the video--the MISC Freelancer--looks like a blueprint for a next-generation Serenity. I'm not complaining.

I love the two-and-a-half tons of blue collar work ethic loaded into this commercial. I'd personally prefer the ships to not look quite so shiny, like they were just driven off the lot yesterday, but hey, hungry space sim enthusiasts have already dumped $45 million in crowdfunding for this bad boy, so I can't blame them for taking a dust mop to the old trader vessel.

Star Citizen is due sometime in 2015 and it's still a PC exclusive.

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