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Halo 3 ViDoc released to Marketplace

by: Dan -
More On: Xbox Live

The rumored Video Documentary ("Et Tu, Brute?”) about Halo 3 and the new baddie the "Brute" has been released to Xbox Live Marketplace and is available as a free download. The ViDoc is only available on Marketplace, is 7 minutes in length and will be available in both Standard Def (480p) and Hi-Def (720p). According to Bungie, there are no finished graphics in the ViDoc, as everything is still a work in progress.  Just a little teaser for Xbox 360 owners to keep the taste fresh......

The details from the Dash:

In the second Bungie “ViDoc” we take a long hard look at the ferocious new antagonist for Master Chief, the Brute. Now that a tentative alliance has formed between Humans and Elites, the fighting focus of Halo 3 switches to the monstrous Brutes. These tenacious foes have improved graphically with the advent of the Halo 3 engine and the power of the Xbox 360, but more importantly, their tactics, weapons, vehicles and AI have all followed suit, making the Brutes the worthiest opponents the Chief has ever faced. See how the designers, artists and programmers set about the herculean task of replacing a fan favorite – the mighty Elite – with an unforgettably ferocious adversary. See how Brutes behave in packs and as individuals with brilliant new animation and AI. Take a first look at the new Brute graphics, weapon and armor designs and finally, get the first ever public glimpse at Halo’s legendary Campaign.

Comments from Bungie:

You’ll see what amounts in a way to the first glimpse at Campaign content, but don’t get too excited. Everything you see here is a work in progress, and I’m afraid you won’t be seeing anything like finished graphics. This is just a chance to talk about the design philosophy and production behind what’s going to become a very important part of the next game. But don’t worry, I’ll answer lot more questions tomorrow.

The documentary will run for almost exactly seven minutes (coincidence? UNLIKELY!) and contains a first peek at the bad guy you will grow to love and hate in Halo 3. Well, mostly hate, but you will love fighting him.

The ViDoc is NOT available in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Korea, Republic Of, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Taiwan.