You can now pre-order Kinect v2

by: John -
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With the Xbox One going Kinect-less this month, why not pick one up for your PC to play around with? Microsoft has finally announced the pricing and schedule for the Xbox One Kinect sensor.

July will be the month that the Kinect public beta program begins and Microsoft has various pricing based on the region you are going to order from. Here in the United States, it will cost you $199.99 or more than an Xbox 360

I wonder if we'll get the same amount of developers or not churning out demos and neat little projects for the more powerful camera. We saw some interesting things that were done with the original Kinect. Let's see if more comes out for a peripheral with higher fidelity cameras.

So, if you want to take up 10% of your computer's CPU resources by using the Kinect, your wait will soon be over.

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