SKARA: The Blade Remains needs help finishing their game

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In a world where there are more Free-to-play MOBAs than flavors at Baskin-Robbins, and the lot of them are as diverse as a Kenny Chesney concert, I'm happy to see any game that messes with the formula. Even if it isn't finished yet. SKARA: The Blade Remains started production in 2013, and they've come a fair way by themselves. But in order to finish the game, they've launched a Kickstarter project with a $35,000 goal. Yes, it does seem kind of weird to buy into a Kickstarter project for a free-to-play game, but the good news is that whatever tier you pledge into, you get that much money back as in-game currency. Plus, if you donate $10, you'll get access to the Beta that's set to launch in September of this year, but if you donate $15 or more, you'll be get access to the Alpha that's launching as soon as the Kickstarter campaign ends. There's still a few lingering questions left unanswered by the Kickstarter page, like what exactly the in-game currency will be used for. All that's really said is that the team promises that SKARA won't be pay-to-win.

To be honest judging by the gameplay footage on the Kickstarter trailer, SKARA looks a lot closer to Chivalry than it does to MOBAs like League of Legends and DOTA. But it's promising a diverse gameplay that marries large multiplayer battles with fighter mechanics and RPG character-building elements. The multiplayer mode will be able to accommodate 16-player matches as well as 1v1 matches. There's a lot more info to be had on the SKARA: The Blade Remains website, especially on the forums.

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