Travian Games launches browser-based Rail Nation USA

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Publisher Travian Games and developer Bright Future have announced the launch of browser-based strategy game Rail Nation USA. While the base game has been available since January 2013, the railroad strategy game finally makes its way to America in which players play as either the Atlantic Railway in the east or Pacific Railroad in the west.

After selecting one of the original 50 American cities, players must decide their strategy for success which may range from focusing on goods delivery to construction of expansive railway networks. While initially beginning in the era of steam engines, players can research additional technologies such as diesel and electric trains. The game's features include:

  • Familiar Sites of America - Featuring 50 cities and numerous iconic sights, including the Golden Gate Bridge, the Statue of Liberty, Mount Rushmore, the Grand Canyon, and more.
  • Trains, trains and more trains - From steam to diesel to electrical, dozens of 3D engine models rendered to the highest level of realism with nearly 50 different kinds of wagons.
  • Customized locomotives - More than 30 alternate paint jobs allow for individuality in a player's vehicle fleet.
  • Real-time strategy - Calculating routes and supply and demand for goods happens in real time, so long term planning meets on the fly decision making.

Eager conductors can play the game for free at the official Rail Nation website.

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