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E3 2014: Into the Pixel artwork selection announced

by: Travis -
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This year's lineup of artwork for the Into the Pixel collection at E3 2014 has been announced with pieces from a range of games including Destiny, Guild Wars 2, and Watch Dogs to name a few. In collaboration with the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) and Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences (AIAS), the annual exhibit has been honoring video game artists since 2004. The artwork exhibit will be on display at the Los Angeles Convention Center from June 10-12.

Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences President Martin Rae describes the show as celebrating "...some of the most important contributors to our industry – the brilliant artists and their endlessly imaginative work. These visual storytellers help breathe life into wide-ranging ideas with a wealth of style and creativity. As these images demonstrate, the line between fine art and the artwork of interactive entertainment continues to evaporate."

View the gallery of artwork included in this year's Into the Pixel collection.