Crucial announces Ballistix Elite DDR4 memory modules

by: Travis -
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Crucial has revealed a new series of memory modules titled Ballistix Elite DDR4 that are designed to deliver high performance in gaming. With gamers and PC enthusiasts in mind, the memory modules include speeds ranging from 2666 MT/s and 3000 MT/s and twice the bandwidth of DDR3 memory, all the ways up to 24GB/s.

The Ballistix Elite DDR4 series are optimized for the Intel X99 platforms along with support for XMP 2.0 profiles. Crucial Product Manager Jeremy Mortenson described the memory module's focus, "With the introduction of Ballistix DDR4, the fastest memory speeds and bandwidths are now more accessible. Along with making peak performance attainable, Ballistix DDR4 also sets up gamers and enthusiasts for the next wave of performance that will only be possible with newer platforms using DDR4."

Ballistix Elite DDR4 memory modules will be available this August in 4GB and 8GB modules as well as 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB kits.

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