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The battle mode for the Batmobile in Arkham Knight is shown and the game is now due in 2015

by: John -
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NooOoOOoOooooO. Well, first off, the video showing off the Batmobile's battle mode in Batman: Arkham Knight is rather cool. The thing's a beast with a 60mm cannon on top, vulcan cannon on the side of it, some missiles on the top, and a suppressor that fires non-lethal rounds on the other side.

It looks rather menacing, but the bad news is the game looks to be delayed until 2015, as the trailer shows at the end. There's no time frame now, but my dreams of playing the game this year seems to have been dashed. 

That's OK, as Rocksteady can take all the time they need to polish it and they do have to make sure it's a solid game to make up for Warner Bros Montreal's efforts in Batman: Arkham Origins. 

If you're going to E3, you'll get a first look at the game so enjoy it while you can as you won't experience it again until next year.

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