The Floor is Jelly now available through Steam!

by: Jeff -
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For those of you who have never wondered what life would be like if the entire world was made out of jelly, I have one simple question for you:

What if the entire world was made out of jelly?

I know, I know, I'm laying some heavy stuff on you. Summer just started, you're not ready for those worldview-changing kinds of inquiries. The good news is, Ian Snyder already thought of an answer to that question, and his answer is a game called The Floor is Jelly. Featuring floors, walls, ceilings, and spikes made entirely out of simulated non-Newtonian fluids! To be honest, it's been out for a while now. In fact, we did a review for it when it first came out. But for those of you who aren't early adopters and wait for everything to get greenlit on Steam before you pick it up, I have even better news! The Floor is Jelly was already greenlit and is currently available on Steam! And it's 20% off until June 6th! Huzzah!

Even if you don't check out the game, you should at least listen to the amazing soundtrack by Disasterpeace and Ian Snyder.

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