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Check out how Hi Rez studios creates new gods in "the making of Janus" behind the scenes video

by: Nathan -
More On: SMITE

This past Wednesday, Hi Rez studios, makers of SMITE released Janus, the 54th god to be added to the game. Long story short, Janus is incredibly fun to play as. Have you ever wondered though what goes into creating a new character for SMITE? Well Hi Rez studios also released an amazing behind the scenes video called "The making of Janus" where they show us how Janus and other gods in the game are created. From the first meeting, to lore research, concept designs, play testing and then finally release, we get an amazing look into the studio and what goes into creating the characters we play in game. Be sure to check out the video below.

Also, this weekend will be be a special weekend for SMITE as all 54 gods in the game will be free to play. From now until Sunday, you get a chance to play any god you want in any game mode you want so this is a perfect chance for new players to get a taste of some gods they haven't played yet. 

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