It's luau season on Start Trek Online

by: Sean Cahill -
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Grab your, hoverboards everyone!  It's Summer on Star Trek Online, which means that the Risa Lohlunat event is about to launch.  Cryptic Studios will once again take everyone back to Risa for the summer fling that will be open to all players.  The event will run for a little over a month, from June 5 to July 17.

New items and activities include:

  •          Risan Luxury Cruiser: The brand new Risan Luxury Cruiser, joining the Risan Corvette as an unlockable vehicle
  •          Powerboards: The brand new Powerboard races come to Risa as brand new way to explore the seas and waterfronts of Risa and take part in PVP races
  •          Swimwear: New swimwear come as perfect ways for players to explore the beaches and jungles of Risa in style
  •          Pets: Monkey Pets join as the new pets for captains to collect
  •          Floaters: Four new Enhanced and Superior Floaters can be purchased from venders
  •          Castles in the Sand: Take part in a new activity building castles to earn Lohlunat Favors

It isn't too late to join in on the fun if you aren't a player.  Download the game this weekend and you'll be ready for the luau like everyone else!


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