Screenshots and game mode updates for Modern Combat 5

by: Sean Cahill -
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Modern Combat 5 will be on display at E3 in the next couple of weeks, but that doesn't mean we can't bring a couple of updates to you on the FPS that is currently in development.  Fans of the Modern Combat series will be happy to know that the following modes are now confirmed:

  • Capture the Flag - Self explanatory as it involves the standard team vs. team battle in capturing and defending one another's flags.
  • VIP - This mode will involve one player being the VIP and having the battle center around him.  More information will be come available about this game mode.
  • Free for all - No explanation needed.
  • Team Battle - Nothing like a team vs team deathmatch to get the blood going!

We're looking forward to seeing more information about Modern Combat 5 at E3.  We'll bring you more information once it's available.

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