Harmonix is letting go 37 people and replacing the CEO

by: John -
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Well, there was good news for Hamonix as they hit their Kickstarter goal for a remake of Amplitude. But it seems that good news has been tempered this morning.

Venture Beat is reporting that 37 people have been let go from the studio and Alex Rigopulos is stepping aside from the CEO position. He'll be the chief creative office of Harmonix Studios now and Steve Janiak, who was the head of publishing and business operations, will now become the new CEO.

Harmonix has a few games coming out though, such as the Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved and continue to work on their FPS, Chroma. Oh yeah, and that Amplitude game I mentioned. Still, times have fallen hard on the team when they were once riding high off the success of their Rock Band series.

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