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Developer diary finally out for World of Warships

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Yes. Finally. The free-to-play competitive multiplayer online ship 'em up is (so far) two years in the making, and the first developer diary for World of Warships is out. It's destroyers, cruisers, battleships, and carriers—"warships in their purest form," as developer puts it.

We're looking at the largest war machines on the planet during the first half of the 20th century. Multi-thousand-ton monsters. Slow, even compared to World of Tanks, but obviously packing the firepower and the mobility to project that insurmountable amount of firepower around the globe.

Competitive multiplayer matches will feature a dozen battleships. They'll be swivelling 16-inch "rifles" on deck. Armed with salvos of lethal torpedoes. Launching off, or receiving fire from, flights of dive bombers and torpedo-packing attack aircraft. 

No submarines, though. Adamantly no. They tried. They just don't fit within the gameplay. Personally, I'm glad. Unless your name is The Hunt for Red October, then submarines are lame.

World of Warships will be on PC, launching sometime around not soon enough.

As we get closer to E3, Wargaming is excited to release its first developer diary for its highly anticipated naval warships MMO World of Warships, which focuses on specifics of naval combat and vehicle classes.

We will have exclusive behind-closed-doors demos of the latest for this game, World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition, and World of Tanks Blitz at E3. Our schedule is filling up, but please let me know if you're interested in securing a 30 min slot with us about our E3 lineup.

This is the first installment from a series of developer diaries for World of Warships, taking an extensive look at the unique features of naval warfare, the huge fleet of combat vessels and their classes.

In the first episode, the World of Warships development team dives into the complex research that goes into creating and maintaining the game??s historical authenticity, as well as the tactical approaches for conquering the high seas with the different types of combat vehicles that players will have at their command, including the aircraft carriers, massive battleships, heavy cruisers, and the light and agile destroyers.

The series will continue to center on the upcoming naval action MMO game and the team behind it, focusing on each aspect of the project throughout its development.

About World of Warships
World of Warships is a free-to-play action MMO that plunges players into intense naval combat. Take command of legendary vessels from the early 20th century and fight for domination on the high seas. Players will have several types of combat vessels at their command: aircraft carriers that provide allies with long-range air support, swift cruisers that excel at reconnaissance missions, destroyers that can withstand any other class and intimidating heavily-armed battleships. Warships are pitted against each other in a variety of original battle arenas, each meticulously created and inspired by real-world locations. Explore the seascapes of World of Warships and turn their unique geographic characteristics to your advantage.

World of Warships' combination of unique warships coupled with the team-based player versus player format provides a wide range of tactical options and scenarios, making every battle a unique experience. Join efforts with your allies, grow into a true team player, and destroy the competition.
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