Amplitude reaches Kickstarter goal

by: Chuck -
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Late yesterday afternoon the Kickstarter to get a new Amplitude game hit its funding level which means the game will now be made.  This is been the feel good story for the industry for the last week or so and it's nice to see the team at Harmonix get the funding they need to build the game.  

There some that expect the game will actually be a financial success when it is released but that's not really the point of the Kickstarter is it?  It's about getting games made that otherwise wouldn't have gotten publisher funding.  If you want another example of this look at Star Citizen who's already raked in over $43 million in funding, proving that people actually want to play space combat games. 

Hopefully we'll get a timetable on a release soon but if you consider a monthly burn rate of $100,000 and their Kickstarter amount ($775,000), we should have a game within the next eight to nine months if everything goes as planned (which rarely happens in the world of software development).  

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