X Rebirth 2.0 launches with new features and improvements

by: Travis -
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Developer Egosoft has updated space simulator X Rebirth to version 2.0, titled Secret Service Missions, that includes a variety of new features and improvements. The update features include:

  • New playership modifications allowing for different cockpit configurations for special purposes.
  • Two new configurable radar modes for the event monitor
  • An autopilot for your playership
  • Several new commands for ships in your squad, permitting much finer control over their actions.
  • A massive overhaul of the game's balancing, as well as the introduction of three difficulty levels, and achievements for the new difficulty level "hard"
  • Multiple new gamestarts in different areas of the universe specially tailored for traders, builders or fighters
  • A set of beautiful new capital ships which are especially useful for trading in Omicron Lyrae
  • An overhauled visual look and feel resulting from improved shaders and soft shadows
  • Lots of UI and menu improvements
  • Ability to deal remotely with lots of NPCs without the need to land on stations
  • Redesigned highway gameplay
  • Better support for joysticks

The complete update details can be found in the 2.0 feature manual. X Rebirth is available now on Steam for Windows PC.

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