The International 4's prize pool passes $6,000,000, new stretch goals added to the Compendium

by: Sam -
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Two weeks ago Valve released The International 4 Compendium for Dota 2, a digital ticket to the tournament that came with a wealth of other features. Every Compendium purchased increases the prize pool for the tournament, and after only twelve days the pool reached $6,000,000, becoming the biggest prize pool ever for an e-sport tournament and smashing every stretch goal that Valve set out. Now Valve has created a new set of stretch goals, with the new highest goal set at $10,000,000. New goal prizes include a vote for which hero needs a model update, daily hero challenge, customizable multi-kill banner, and support for the A-Z challenge.

If you are a Dota 2 fan and don't yet have the Compendium, what are you doing! Not only do you get to watch all the games, you get all sorts of prizes just for having it. Its a great deal, and it helps Dota 2 become a better game. At this rate no other game will ever come close to beating this prize pool, at least not until next year's International.


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