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New update for Awesomenauts

by: Cary -
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Patch 2.4: Eye of the Storm will see Awesomenauts add a new character, Sentry X-58, "a tough infiltration robot, specialized at turning enemies' strength against them." He also has a bevy of other abilities like damage absorption and a Black Hole Sun attack, where all the enemies have to listen to the Soundgarden song on repeat until they go insane. Or maybe they just get pulled into a single point until it blows them up. Whatever. 

Another addition from the patch comes in the form of replay functionality. A game played is automatically recorded and can be viewed in the replay menu.

Here's a couple of replay video showing off the feature:

Another week, another update to our game Awesomenauts! Actually, the update came out last week, but we needed a little more time to be able to properly showcase the new stuff.
In short, that new stuff is:

- the Replay System is now available!
- Sentry x-58, a new Awesomenaut!

Awesomenauts expansion keeps expanding

The crowdfunded expansion for Awesomenauts called Awesomenauts:Starstorm received another big update last week with Patch 2.4: The Eye of the Storm. First off, a new character, Sentry X-58, has been added to the Starstorm roster. With this addition the total amount of playable characters for Awesomenauts has risen to 18. Sentry is a tough infiltration robot, specialized at turning his enemies' strenght against them. To this end, he can create an temporary damage absorbtion field around him. He can then save this absorbed damage and use it to empower his Black Hole Sun attack, sucking enemies to a single point until it violently explodes.

To see Sentry in action, check his showcase video right here: 

The second big addition is the replay functionality, which was one of the headline features for the Awesomenauts:Starstorm crowdfunding campaign. Whenever a player plays a match, the game is automatically recorded. These recordings can then be viewed by visiting the replay menu. The replays enable players to analyze their playstyle, share their best moments and even help them create their own little stories in the Awesomenauts universe.

To showcase the replay functionality, two exciting battles between some of the best Awesomenauts teams has been recorded and commentated. 

Team JiS vs. BBQ commentated by FourCourtJester and SlowWolf

Team 3HM vs. BBQ commentated by SlowWolf and Weazel

About Awesomenauts
Awesomenauts is a online arena game that has two teams of 3 players facing off in battle. The game plays as a classic 2D platformer, but contains all the modern trappings of the genre. Such as a diverse cast of classes, an extensive upgrade system and powerful turrets and creeps. Awesomenauts is avaiable on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. It's also coming to PlayStation 4 soon.

About Awesomenauts:Starstorm
Starstorm is the first official expansion for Ronimo's 2012 arena game Awesomenauts. Its production was successfully crowdfunded on Kickstarter.com in September 2013. The resulting DLC will see a multistage release to make sure players will get their hands on individual elements as soon as possible. The expansion is expected to be complete by the end of 2014, and will contain 5 new characters, 1 new map, a full featured spectator mode, a replay system, a match customization suite and a custom games browser.

About Ronimo Games
Ronimo Games was founded in 2007 by 7 enthusiastic game developers. Utilizing our in-house developed RoniTech engine, Ronimo Games is focused on creating innovative, high quality games that appeal to a wide audience. The studio released their first commercial game, Swords & Soldiers, in May 2009 worldwide on WiiWare and later on Playstation Network, PC, Mac and iOS. In 2012, Ronimo Games released the Sidescrolling Battle Arena Game Awesomenauts. The studio is now 14 strong and very motivated to deliver awesome game experiences!

Sentry x-58