That awesome week of improved legendary finding chances in Diablo III? It's staying

by: John -
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To celebrate the two year anniversary of Diablo III, Blizzard recently increased the chances of finding a legendary item by 100% for the week. It's been a really fun week and I've found a lot of new gear to out fit my Witch Doctor. The 100% buff was suppose to end today. Well, it isn't.

Blizzard is going to keep the increased legendary finding chances, which is a great move. I would have even loved it if the baseline to find legendaries was at 50%, but I'll take the 100% increase. 

You might wonder if this will decrease the importance of finding legendaries. I say no because I'm still getting useless legendaries that I break down into forgotten soul crafting materials and you'll need a lot of those for enchanting items.

So far, Blizzard's been hitting home runs on updates since Loot 2.0. This one sounds like another home run to me as they keep on improving the game with each patch.